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Loveliest is one of the best-selling lines of womens fragrances in the mass market. Sales of each prepack were expected to account for one-third of 2009 Savvy sales. Loveliest is positioned as a classic scent associated with prestige and elegance, giving us strong appeal among women over age. Ingredients, including colour additives, fragrances and perfumes must be listed on the container or the product itself. B Figures for each line include cost of promotions trade deals as well as cost of measured media advertising and production. With the Loveliest name on all of its packaging, Flares other products benefitted from a halo effect. While cosmetic brands are faced with the challenge of tapping into the psychology of teenagers, they are also confronted by the parents of this market. Each brand had its own image, although the first four that had been introduced after LoveliestAwash (in 1996 Summit (1998 Essential (2000 and Swept Away (2003)appealed to the more mature, successful woman. 5 of parent participants would allow their daughter to wear makeup every day, and. The states that it is likely that similar offerings will hit store shelves in coming years as brand owners seek to engage with this potentially lucrative market (Wray, 2011). Any additional sales growth, even beyond what a new product launch might contribute to revenue, will enable us to bring ad spend more in line with the industry.

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Dolly and Girlfriend magazine) and outdoors, on billboards and on buses. 1 million in its second full year this year, taking share from competitors and following a solid 7 million launch in 2006. Weaknesses * Only available online from a participating website called drugstore. Blossom will only be available to an Australian market to begin with, but may essay fragrance expand globally to compete with brands like Bloom. Patterson, Charters, and Arlmont had considered other growth strategies. To launch its final analysis of 2009 strategic initiatives, and the group of 10 sales and marketing employees in the main Flare conference room could see by the look on her face that CEO Joely Patterson was determined. Many believe that the cosmetics industry is a recession proof market because history has shown that women continue to spend on items that have the feel good factor and represent value for money, but in the case of spending. Competitor analysis: competitor 1: Bloom Cosmetics Bloom is an Australian beauty brand, based on Melbourne that was founded in 1993 by Natalie Bloom.

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Chens evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Natural Cosmetic Product Compared to Chemical-Based Products, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the natural cosmetic and the chemical-based product respectively. It looks to do roughly. ) According to historian Lizbeth Cohen in A Consumers Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America (2008 after World War II women were viewed as the consumers of society and advertisers pursued this idea by targeting younger. 9 of participants would purchase their daughters beauty products from department stores, followed. When asked what kinds of cosmetic and skincare products they used when they were younger, the majority of these participants chose eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and powder, and few essay fragrance skin-related products, mostly from skincare brand Nivea. They also considered instituting across-the-board price increases, but decided to remain conservative and wait until the dust settled from the current economic crisis. Place: Blossom products may have to be manufactured offshore in order for the brand to remain competitive. Patterson hoped Savvy would take sales from competitors brands in the 3045 range, although Flares Natural product might already be meeting that goal. We are increasingly well-positioned in other segments. Fragrance industry sales were seasonal, concentrated heavily around Mothers Day and the winter holidays when both men and women purchased fragrances as gifts. Under the Loveliest brand, Flare sponsored fashion events, movie industry gatherings, educational programs, and television shows. While some cosmetic companies are setting unrealistic standards of beauty for their customers, Blossom is based on the idea of natural beauty and the empowerment of young women. TC Patterson had newsurgent newsfor her team to consider as they evaluated these options.

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Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press,. Economic: Blossom is primarily targeted towards young women between the ages of 10 and. Flares agency had suggested the Savvy budget could potentially be reduced if the Loveliest name was included on the label and in ads, with the name Savvy by Loveliest, as they had done with every prior launch. Place Bloom products are available from the Melbourne flagship store, Myer, David Jones and Target department stores as well as online. Childrens Market Doing It for the Kids, an article written for the Cosmetics Business website by Julia Wray discovers how brands are appealing to both parents and children. When asked which celebrities they considered most physically attractive, participants chose teen TV stars like Mischa Barton, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Selena Gomez, fashion icons like Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth and teen heartthrobs including Justin Bieber and Zac essay fragrance Efron. 1 Swept Away. Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Natural Cosmetic Product Compared to Chemical-Based Products.

The Blossom essay fragrance Mentor Program for young women without role models is evidence of our efforts in fighting for a better result. In the late 1970s, Flare had moved into privately owned pharmacies, and in the late 1980s into the mass marketincluding discount department stores like. Knowing the markets segmentation and our brands positioning, should we instead focus on drugstore expansion, and, if so, do we have the experience to be successful here? That is, to the let the natural beauty of young women flourish and grow, as they grow. California: Left Coast Press,. 70 billion in 2007. 31 Gross Sales cogs Contribution Margin Manufacturing Overhead Real Estate, Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Depreciation Advertising and Promotion Field Sales Force General and Administrative Net Pretax Income from Operations 2007 Income Statement for Flare Fragrances c Typically lumped.

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Patterson felt at least the minimum plan would be necessary to reach her goal. Analyzing Growth Opportunities During April 2008, Flares advertising agency conducted a series of womens focus groups. The above graph shows that. Table C Channel Potential A meaningful consumer experience will still be required as fragrance shoppers will turn in greater numbers to specialty stores (such as pop-prestige Sephora boutiques that had begun to open within. As many as one in three people experience symptoms including headaches, asthma and rashes due to a sensitivity to fragrances, according to research cited. Online Available at: http geogirl. 2 Loveliest Essential 2008 Estimated Flare Factory Sales and Percent by Brand and Channel Versus Market Mass Market Drug Storesc Department Stores/Prestige Other (Inc. Read, the Case Against Fragrance and you will never think about essay fragrance fragrance in the same way again. Our tag line let your inner beauty grow perfectly encapsulates the purpose of our brand.

But we cant assume that this alone will grow revenue satisfactorily so I want to focus on the two options I mentioned at the outset: launch a wellpositioned new brand and penetrate further into upscale drugstore chains. Analyzing Growth Opportunities 4550 Like most industry professionals, Patterson divided the womens fragrances market into three groups based on price point, placing Loveliest in the middle segment, as shown in Table A below. 2 who would purchase them from beauty-specific stores like Priceline, as shown in the above graph. Target market research: In researching the target market of Blossom Beauty products, I designed two surveys, one for 10-16 year old young women and one for parents, and mothers in particular. Price: Blossom beauty products will be priced anywhere between 15 and. Analyzing Growth Opportunities 4550 advertising program, contributing to store advertisements that featured Flare products.

Through analysis of the essay fragrance August 2012 issue of Girlfriend magazine an Australian publication directed at teen girls, current trends appealing to this young demographic are revealed. Reference) social: The aabth have also reported that there has been continued growth in the youth segment (the teen and tween boom which is thought to account for roughly 20 per cent of the overall cosmetics and toiletries market. From the inescapable cologne on a fellow train passenger to the diffuser sticks in our bathrooms and bedrooms, fragrances are all around. The review will give an overview of the Australian cosmetics and toiletries industry, the intentions behind consumer purchase of natural products, and the advantages and disadvantages of natural and chemical-based products respectively. 2 was for measured media, of which. It also sold through certain chain pharmacies like Walgreen. Although final numbers werent yet in, it looked like Flare would end 2008 with 221 million in factory sales, or 10 of the retail marketa respectable share of a market recently experiencing a 3 overall annual decline. Its slogan, A winners style, and an associated music-themed campaign, would feature a recent American Idol contestant, well-known by the teen and young adult marketthe same market that Flares Savvy brand would be targeting. The share held by womens fragrances was. However, our spending now lags our competitors spend levels, which are approaching. However, the end of the war saw the movement of women into the workplace and the widening acceptance of cosmetic use, as Piess states a democratic vision of beauty began to break down traditional representations of women (ibid. No Flare drove trade interest through promotions such as gift-with-purchase (buy one item and receive another free) and purchase-with-purchase (buy one item and get another at a discount). Copyright 2010 Harvard Business School Publishing.

Charters had developed a brief, preliminary marketing plan aimed at confident, successful young women aged 1834 who were in college or starting careers (see Exhibit 6). Spray bottle Majority sold through prestige department stores Also sold through specialty and gift stores Mid-Tier Brands Prestige image Considered prestige brands Leading brands have. With the assistance of web expertise, develop e-commerce website by June and maintain consistent brand message in social networking via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Flare Company Background and Industry Position From its origins in 1955 as a small manufacturer of womens perfume, Flare had grown into the. Myer and David Jones, as well as beauty-specific store. Chemical-based cosmetics incorporate synthetic materials which achieve desired results quickly, but often at a cost. In combination with our other brands that target women starting out in their careers, we now have a range of perfumes that appeal to the 2534 demographic. Connect with The Butterfly Foundation charity, work with PR team to publicise the program. There is clearly a level of concern from the parents of the teens and tween that are so strategically marketed to and to succeed as a brand, Blossom would need to achieve the cool factor for the tween/teen demographic to respond. However, to fully understand this target market and the objectives and strategies of competing cosmetic brands, primary research, essay fragrance including surveys, focus groups and ethnographic studies must be carried out. Today, we begin to analyze our options intensively.

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Op yo Flares 2007 factory salesthat is, its retail sales minus the 40 of revenues earned by retailers and intermediaries along the distribution chainwere 216. Exhibit 2 presents an income statement outlining Flares cost structure for its fragrances. A Source: Mintel Market research Flare Factory Sales Total. Take our most recent launch, Naturalits reaching a slightly younger demographic that is seeking environmentally safer or so-called green products. 5 million in 2009 Do Product Line: 10 This document is authorized for use only by samin ahmad until June 2011. 4 player in the. Of the total 2008 advertising and promotions budget,. Competitor 2: Geogirl Cosmetics. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie. Blossoms primary target market of teens and tweens between the ages of 10 and 16 are inexperienced with cosmetic products compared to their mothers as teens. 1 to radio, and.

Price The price point of Bloom cosmetics ranges from 10 for accessories, 20-30 for lip, eye and nail products, and up to 40-50 for body care, skin care and face products. Pacific World Corp and Walmart caused a essay fragrance stir when they announced their new line GeoGirl, a makeup brand for 8-12 year olds. Mass market evolution as consumer traffic grows in these stores and as they overhaul beauty departments by stocking trendier fragrances and employing beauty consultants Blurring of retail channels with upscale influences trickling down and new fragrances first introduced into prestige. The Geogirl website explains that the brand was launched in 2011 by US department store Walmart. Geogirl products are natural, affordable and ideal for young, sensitive skin. Dulcet would be supported by a communications budget of 10 milliona not uncommon amount for promoting a major new scent. The results of each survey indicated that all participants in the 10-16 year old group had been using cosmetic and skincare products since the ages of 10-14. While Blossom Beauty will offer a smaller product range in comparison to Bloom and Geogirl, the price point will be higher than that of Geogirl to portray an image of quality and to cover costs, but lower than Bloom to remain affordable. While the teen girl market was burgeoning, Piess adds that during this time, children were largely off-limits. The Guardian in a recent interview. Whilst the above graph shows that.

But Arlmonts study highlighted gaps where our sales dont mirror the overall market: prestige department stores, drugstore chains, and other channels including the internet. Amidon Lusted,. Flare Fragrances specifically for you for only.9/page, order now, as you have read, Arlmont suggested that several strategic options offer the greatest potential for growth. 80 billion,. Strengths * Huge product range * Multiple collaborations * Series of awards won * Internationally recognised/stocked * Organics diffusion ranges * Charity support corporate citizenship weaknesses * As a youthful beauty brand, selling tanners heavy makeup doesnt set healthy example for young people. Department stores hired dedicated beauty advisors who were then trained by Flare to provide education and application suggestions to customers at the store counter. The products will be packaged in Australia and distributed to major department stores like Myer/David Jones, in beauty-specific stores including Priceline and online from our e-commerce website. The media, however, is also extremely influential in the decisions of this age group and a certain perception of beauty and what is considered attractive is based around current celebrities. Nalyzing Growth Opportunities It was early December 2008, time for Flare Fragrances. Admitted to not owning any natural cosmetic or skincare products.

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An overview of the Australian cosmetics and toiletries industry from Austrade reveals that there is room for the introduction of natural products in particular. Penney and, later, Target, Wal-Mart, and Kohls, where it became a prominent player. 2 believe it isnt. We will write a custom essay sample. One involved building their line of scented products other than fragrances. Retail market for all fragrancesthat is, the total dollars that customers spent at retail outlets on fragrance products for both men and womenwas. Eye shadow and rouge were considered improper for young girls and advertising was targeted towards parents rather than children. Marcia Amidon Lusted states that since the early 1980s, advertisers have discovered children and teens make up an enormous market. The 69-piece Geogirl line features blush, mascara, face shimmer and lipstick.

One of ways marketers react to this social change is through the strategy of tweening, the marketing of products that were once thought suitable for teens to younger and younger kids (Amidon Lusted, 2009, p 35-40). 1 Datamonitor: Fragrances in the United States: Industry Profile, October 2009. Dedication/student BIO: executive summary: mission statement: Blossom Beauty is all about empowerment. The price may seem higher than other teen-friendly beauty products but only to cover the costs of natural ingredients and product tie-ins. Patterson nodded in agreement and then turned the groups attention to the study page that presented the data in Exhibit. The mothers of 10-16 year olds who essay fragrance make up Blossoms secondary target market are key consumers as they are the ones who purchase their daughters cosmetic and skincare products.

Hier erfährst du mehr zu den Personen, die die Seiten verwalten und Beiträge darin posten. ) Piess goes on to clarify that the increasing use of cosmetics represented a sense of freedom and individuality felt by women. However, Patterson and Charters agreed that Flare should consider launching it independent of Loveliest. This contrasts with the majority of 10-16 year old participants who chose mascara, lip gloss/balm and light foundation as their preferred products. Promotion: Much like other well-known cosmetic brands, Blossom will have a strong commercial presence. Build a loyal customer base that transcends teen years Align Blossom with youth-focused fashion destinations, online or in-store.