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Persuasive essay on parental involvement

persuasive essay on parental involvement

Childrens academic success also may be related to school-level parental involvement. It is important for teachers to keep the lines of communication open. Student Achievement, assumptions , parental involvement plays an important role in improving students success in school. Parents have fixed assumptions about what level of input is required from them which are difficult to change. Of, the University of the West Indies. The reason being, parents believe, that the overseas curriculum is extensive, focusing the student to many aspects of education. School-level parental involvement seems to benefit children and adolescents academically and behaviorally by promoting information sharing and control over childrens behavior. Furthermore the Children Act 1989 gives the parents. The tape recordings will be taken place when interviewing the class teachers to ensure that the data is accurately recorded.

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Mostly students evaluate a good teacher. Furthermore, children excel even more when their parents assist them at home with their homework, attend school sponsored events, and volunteer at their childrens schools (Suizzo, 2007). Others may have their hands full with a job and other children. Basis of Literature Review Children have two main educators in their lives, their parents and their teachers. It goes on to investigate barriers to student achievement and then critically discusses contrary ideas and theories on the influences on student achievement. How Strong Communication Contributes to Student persuasive essay on parental involvement and School Success: Parent and Family Involvement shows that improved parental involvement not only leads to academic achievement, but to better attendance and improved behavior at home and school as well. The methods that were used were both quantitative and qualitative methods.

According to Keane (2007 parental involvement improves the chances of childrens success at school, yet research suggests that parent participation may be on the decline. If I am to examine the impact of parental involvement to a students academic success, then central to that research is the premise that all students do in fact have parental support at home. These two types include one-way (transmittal) and two-way communication. A careful study of Montessori education reveals that the child develops learning, reading and a domestic-kind of assignment as a workshop, tells a lot about the child within three years. Different views from different research and literature will be used giving a justified discussion on parental involvement in childrens education. Special efforts and care for parents who are isolated to participate and benefit from the program. This may happen if the parents insist on pushing the child so much to follow rules. The benefits of parental involvement in a childs education have long been recognised. Parental involvement in special education programs also increased (Los Angeles Times, 1979). Schools that update their strategies to accommodate the characteristics of their community benefit more than those schools that only use a standard program (Drake, 2000). Attending school functions and responding to school) and community-based activities persuasive essay on parental involvement (e.g. Full confidentiality will be adhered to for this study and all the data and information collected will be securely stored. Rather than coercing parents to be involved by telling them what they must or should do, parents prefer the hard facts on what impact they can have and how important their input.

A full copy of the completed research will be given to you, so that its validity can be ensured. Parental involvement can encourage childrens and adolescents achievement in many ways. Devise questionnaires for parents. G, (pg121 (2005 A half an hour of tape recorded interview can take two hours to transcribe. The method chosen was a semi-structured interview which is similar to an unstructured interview. K, (2006 Third Edition, The Management of a Student Research Project, Gower Publisher Limited: Burlington Whalley. Parental involvement means different things to different people. I (2004 Advanced Early Years Care and Education, Heinemann Macleod-Brundell.

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The participants that will be involved within the research will be the parents of the children in Reception class and the class teachers of the class. Create an awareness that children are part of social structure and emphasis on early childhood development. The reason being, an easy access to television, computer, internet, video games, cartoon movies has enabled the children to move away from books, which is not at all a good ground for school education. An excellent level of involvement should be encouraged as there are all the benefits that result from being rightfully involved. You can view samples of our professional work here. By using questionnaires as a research method it provides both persuasive essay on parental involvement quantitative and qualitative data which can be analysed. Parents communication with teachers is the key ingredient to the parents to know how their children are studying in the school. Research indicates that there are positive academic outcomes stemming from parental involvement with benefits beginning in early childhood, throughout adolescence and beyond.

Researchers have also claimed that parent involvement in their childrens early education increases parents understanding of appropriate educational practices, it improves childrens educational outcomes, especially literacy; and that it improves parental commitment to schooling. The rest, 87 is spent out of school, primarily at home. The evidence about the benefits of parents being involved in their childrens education in general and literacy activities in particular is overwhelming. I have also sent out consent letters to the parents for their permission for their children to participate within the research. The choice of participating will be upon the parents to be involved as part of the research as well as their children as well as having the right to withdraw from the study at any point will be made clear. Many experts on education made the research study on boys reading habits. Conversation at dinner table, a look at home work or a independent activity given, suggest to the parents, the performance of their children. On completion of the research dissertation and completed data collection the school will be presented a copy of the report which will be available to parents and your childs school. In fact, the development of the Homo sapiens sapiens or the "modern man" is so highly influenced by the interaction of social institutions, that the absence of them produces socially maladjusted and or emotionally disturbed individuals, as evidenced persuasive essay on parental involvement by history.

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Todays tech-savvy days also stand as a hindrance to the attainment of reading habits to children. The increased diversity of students and their families presents an even greater challenge to schools and teachers (Lewis, 1992; Wanders., 2007). Yap and Enoki, 1995). Parents can be active, yet not supportive of the education process and vice versa. Tables and diagrams will be utilised to ensure the results can be easily interpreted. Tape-recording allows you the space and time to focus upon the discussion with the research participant. Introduction: The reason why I have chosen this particular area of research is to see from a personal and professional standpoint, what type of strategies the school that I am working at, are using to involve parents in their childrens education. He became interested in how schools in the.S. The Title 1 program is also a government mandated program developed to increase parent involvement and educational services for disadvantaged children. In other words, play indoor games, outdoor games, video games, watch movies, ride bikes, are some of the areas of interest for a large number of boys. He further indicated that parental involvement should take many forms. As they grow up, they advance in age; students are left alone to make their own decisions. In 1989 the government introduced The Children Act 1989 which first introduced that parents have a right to be involved in their childrens education as they are the prime educators in their childrens lives.

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First three years of a child, sets the stage for competence and coping skills for the later stages of life. Other problems may be that most parental involvement strategies are aimed at helping middle class families (Crozier, 2001 focus mostly on primary schools, and do not place much emphasis on minority families. Reenay., (2007) defined parental involvement as encompassing three areas: a) direct contact with teachers, b) parental actions at school, and c) parental actions at home. Today, it is widely recognized that parents play an essential role in their childrens school life. J, (1999 4th Edition, Doing Your Research Project A guide for first time researchers in education and social science, Open University Press Coleman. National PTA pays particular attentions to parents, who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority background. Additionally, Desforges (2003) has demonstrated a large body of evidence which points to the link between a parents involvement in a childs learning and a childs subsequent achievement. Parents involvement and its influence on achievement of Reading by students. For the parents of children in the private schools, they are concerned with how their children behave and what they do in school. Reference needed and Reference needed supports this view in their paper Reference needed, which argues that the sphere of influence of the school and the family are not separate and distinct, but rather overlap to socialize and educate children.

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These studies were conducted in certain states, in selected school within the school districts. All persuasive essay on parental involvement information that is given will remain confidential. Parents are not teachers and need to be instructed on how to teach, assist, and encourage their children at home (Quigley, 2000). Movements for community control of education such as the education of low-income children, special education students, and English Language Learners have been developed to meet the needs of students. Teachers want to involve parents in schools to enhance student achievement. During his education in Africa, I observed that students whose parents were not involved in their education did not perform well. There, parents have little voice in pedagogy and content. Walberg on Families in Educational Productivity states that there is no question that parent involvement represents an exceptionally powerful way of making schools more effective, and of dramatically enriching childrens experiences. Their involvement should not end at paying school fees and providing for the kid.

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All information that will be collected will remain strictly confidential and the name of the children will not be mentioned in any of the paperwork. There is a strong correlation between parental involvement and increased academic achievement. General Ethical Issues: To cover any ethical issues that arise I will be sending out letters to the parents of the children within the Reception class to explain the motive behind the research and why I am carrying this research out. (Fan and Chen 2001) in their meta-analysis found that parental involvement positively affects academic performance. Then, it can be left to the parents to make their own decisions about what they do based on the evidence with which they have been provided. Although questionnaires have advantages it also has disadvantages, the return of the questionnaires may vary as sometimes researchers have low response rates which can be due to a number of reasons. Those schools whose parental involvement is strong provide a lot of benefit to the students. Compelling boys to read for a certain hours of a day, forcibly, would not derive maximum results, as some parents believe. Another disadvantage is that writing up or transcribing the tapes could take up a lot of time for instance as mentioned in Roberts-Holmes. School administrators and teachers feel that parental involvement is important for the academic success of children, but sometimes the definition of what constitutes parent involvement is often misconstrued between parents and teachers. Instead motivation and allowing the boys to think and re-think about themselves, is certainly an achievement for the parents in the long run for developing reading habits. Therefore DfES (n.d) recommends that parental involvement in childrens learning has a positive impact on outcomes for all children. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Parental expectations regarding their children appear to be a constant in childrens academic achievement and social adjustment. Ultimately, if the student is happy and active in and out of learning area, it is learnt by the parent that the student is learning and happy in school area. Keane further asserted that student achievement represents more than just grades. The School Board Association produced sample school policies on parental involvement which they believed would make schools more secure and more likely, academic development would take place. Proposed Methodology : The research setting is a local community school within Rochdale who have overall children that are aged between 3 11 years old. J, (1999 Third persuasive essay on parental involvement Edition, Doing Your Research Project A guide for first time researchers in education and social science, Open University Press Coleman. These personnel feel that as long as parents stick to traditional fundraiser events, everything else will be okay. (Henderson and Berla, 1994). In-services and workshops could provide guidance on how to effectively engage parents. Parents have little understanding of how important their role is in supporting their child to do well at school and most labour under the idea that they are playing a secondary role to the teachers. Despite these advantages, it is not always easy for parents to find time and energy to become involved or to coordinate with schedules for school events.

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The children will be informed within the class also as well as the class teachers and permission from the head teacher will be sought. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be used to gather the data; the methods that will be used are questionnaires, interviews and tape recordings. How do the teachers incorporate strategies and interact with parent to involve them in their childrens education? In order to get to the nature of this subject the following aims were researched: What strategies are used within the school setting to involve parents in their childrens education? Riley (as cited in Moles, 2000) explained that parents are the essential link in improving American education, and schools simply have to do a better job of reaching out to them (p. However majority of parents consider that what they are currently doing is all that is required. Many reports were written to recommend the necessity of parental involvement in school improvement (USA Today, 1989). Best practices and models to support parental involvement were developed. Epsteins framework of six types of involvement are as follows: parenting which help all families establish home environments to support children as students; Communicating from home to school and school to home about school programs and student progress; Volunteering by organizing parent help and support. An analysis of education states that, many parents opt education overseas instead of domestic education. As stated in the Research Report dcsf-RR034 (2008) (pg18 In 1999, and again in 2004, the Department for Education and Skills commissioned a Computer-Assisted Telephone persuasive essay on parental involvement Interviewing (cati) survey of parents of children aged 5 to 16, which investigated the parents attitudes towards their childrens education.

persuasive essay on parental involvement

Shatkin Gershberg (2007) and Seeley (1992) found that parental involvement at some schools is seen as a power struggle. The Family Strengthening Policy Center, fspc (2004 observed that there is no universal definition of what parental involvement in education entails. Finally, it concludes with various recommendations for effective parental involvement in student achievement. Parents can support their childrens schooling by attending school functions, responding to school obligations (parent-teacher conferences, for example and becoming involved in their childrens schoolwork. This involves not only sending newsletters and notes, but also obtaining information from parents. A deeper look at the literature has revealed that students achievements are multifactorial, and greatly depends on the many social contexts within which they operate. Parent involvement is so important that The No Child Left Behind Act (National PTA, 2006) is a Federal Policy that puts a mandate on parental involvement in education and family-school relations across primary school levels. If schools (both teachers and the administration) are not receptive to idea of parental involvement, then it may be a source of friction, and present many obstacles. They are more likely to be encouraged to build on what they currently do if there is clear evidence to show that this will have a positive impact on their own children.

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Set up small sessions to interview the class teachers within Reception. A recent newsletter published by The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement (2006) explained that some people equate involvement to chaperoning field trips or volunteering for PTA committees while others define it as attending an open house or signing off on homework folders. Parent is used in this study to include guardians, grand-parents, foster parents and anybody who takes care of the children. I (2008 2nd Edition, Advanced Early Years Care and Education, Heinemann Moser. In their book, Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything, Levit Dubner 2005 suggest that "It isnt so much a matter of what you do as a parent; its who you are." If Levitt and Dubner. Second Edition, Open University Press: England Macleod-Brundell. Faculty of Humanities and Education, school of Education, stacey Arveon Nedd. I hope this request doesnt seem obtrusive and look forward to learning from the members of staff and the parents, to improve my own practice.