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Essay about the demands of nursing

essay about the demands of nursing

This career has also improved my interpersonal skills and thus with time I believe I will become the most preferred nurse by all types of individuals. All the factors must be placed into practice in order to achieve the objective and the long-term goal of the school of nursing of Jacksonville University thus making this field effective. Sample Essay on Nursing: American Nurses Association defines nursing as protection and ability to prevent illness through treatment of the human response. In 2009 International Agency for Research on Cancer (iarc) of the World Health Organization (WHO) record night work as a possible cause of carcinogen. He did not see me, next day I again went morning duty he was sleeping. Nursing is seen on the art perspective in the sense that, nurse are meant to understand the meaning and experience of holistic health sickness. NMC (2008) suggests that nurses must maintain appropriate professional boundaries in the relationships they have with patients. Nurses are also expected to show a high level of empathy and compassion to the patients. Nursing is a very respected career and it has always been seen to be very much rewarding and self fulfilling thus making to be part of the team that is without doubt leaving an ineligible mark in the livelihoods of many people. Jean Watson developed the human caring theory back in the year 1979.

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Supported by Daniels (2004 who suggests that no harm should come to the patient either deliberately or not deliberately. The role of an adult nurse entails providing seamless care for adult patients aged 18 and above. Professional boundaries can be stated as the limits that governs the relationship nurses have with patients which allows delivering safe and therapeutic connection between nurses and their patients. I always believe that, caring should be one of the foremost in nursing along with patient empowerment in their disease process (Watson, 2009). Leininger brings in the theory of transcultural that has proved to be so much effective in this industry. Every event we have to document on time. Encouraging patients to express their opinion will also result in effective patient care and patients well-being, as it is important to actively listen to what patients are saying both verbally and non-verbally. It also brings out the perspective of moral and ethical care. Nurses are encountered with different work tasks, and different working hours because of the institution demand and nature of work.

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It also safeguards patients who may lack the mental capacity to make informed decisions by providing them with advocates to make decisions that are in their best interest. There are many reasons as to why the professional nurse must have effective communication skills, for instance when explaining or discussing patients treatment, speaking with family members as well as other health professionals by clear and precise literature. I think it is much more challenging and stressful job than many profession. Ethics is a rule of conduct that is recognised in respect to a persons or group personality or profession (Rumbold, 1999). I tend to concur with Watsons model because, the model clearly demonstrates interrelationship that are present between the patients and the nurses.

The nurse needs to be overwhelming, and with a friendly personality. This theory ensures that there is a good relationship between the nurse and the patient. In addition, McHugh-Schuster (2000) states essay about the demands of nursing that communication plays an important role in positions of building a therapeutic relationship by involving patients in their treatment, allowing them to always ask questions, permitting them to express their feelings. I did double duty (morning and evening) when I came back at 1200am my son was sleeping. Nursing is one of the professions which posses caring, dedicated, passionate and painstaking qualities due to this I have been inspired by this profession and prepare myself to be part of this profession. Some time it happens that we caring patients normally without knowing the actual diagnose and report suggested of some communicable diseases after two to three days.

Communication skills are very essential in therapeutic relationships, a skilled nurse must demonstrate effective communication skills in order to promote patient care effectively, by doing essay about the demands of nursing this it will help the inter-professional team improve the standard of care. The main objective of nursing is to ensure that, I achieve knowledge, skills, and competency to be able to achieve quality life and health while embracing individuals culture. Head nurse or clinical nurse specialist (CNI) support is very essential for staff if head nurse do authoritative role and do favors of some staff than staff feel lack of social support and less satisfaction with the head nurses which can cause stress. The emotion that exists between the family and the patient always drive much more care given by the nurse to the patient. Ethical theory is based upon four moral principles; autonomy, justice, beneficence and non-maleficence (Tingle and Cribb, 2007). Fatigue results from an difference between work load and rest. Nursing is a noble profession that involves saving lives and improving peoples medical condition.

Essay about Demand for Highly-Qualified Nurses is on the

Most patients need their information to be kept so private and they would prefer to go to a practitioner who has been seen to be having these characteristics. I view nursing as a science in the sense that, nursing is active in the body application and theoretical knowledge of nursing (Watson, 2009). Patients needs to be treated fairly and equally, there should be no discrimination against any patient. Nurses are accountable for maintaining professional relationship with their patients ensuring the care of the patient is their first concern. Nursing is seen as a very important career as one decides to care for peoples lives and share different beliefs and values. Nurses need to provide the best service as per their knowledge and ability to attain the best life and extend the life expectancy in the society. In many cases someone becomes a nurse because they want to help people but when Nurses confronted with the reality of the job soon realize that is not what they thought before because the nature of nursing tasks and. Therapeutic relationship can be defined as a relationship that is established between the nurse and the patient for the purpose of assisting the patient in their care (Neal, 2003). Nurses become a good psychologist because she/he always deals with patient and doctors. This builds a good rapport between the nurse and the patient and his family and thus making the healing process so much enjoyable (Boyle, 2008). One has also to be able to manage time. It also aim to ensure that individuals are able to participate as much as possible in any decisions so that they feel that they have control of their own care (Hill and Seymour, 2010).

The Role Of A Nurse Nursing Essay - Uni Assignment Centre

Physical work over load is one of the main aspects which can cause stress. Finally, for one to be essay about the demands of nursing considered a professional in nursing there is a need for the individual to incorporate both the knowledge gained in class, his personal values, and idealism. Due to certain work overload it usually caused of Physical stress. This makes it possible for the formation of caring aspect between one human being to another. The principle of beneficence seeks to do good for the patient and act in their best interest at all times (NMC, 2008). We must also ensure that all aspects of the relationship focus exclusively upon the needs of the patient or client. This is because, there are illnesses that may interfere with an individuals social class, and most of the patient would want to keep this private. A recent study done in 2011 from university College London that working more than 11 hours places a person at a 67 higher risk of developing heart disease compared to those who work just for 8 hours. Working in shift duties can disturbed our normal lives and we feel physical weakness and fatigue. Nursing is said to be perfect if it is learned and practiced professionally. Conclusion: There are many stressors in every profession but nurses are subject to more general stress which arises from the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the work environment.

For instance, if an essay about the demands of nursing intervention is undertaking in the form of medication/injection to a patient without obtaining verbal or written consent from the patient, the Patient reserves the right to file a suit against the Nurse/the Hospital especially if the. Johnstone (2011) describes the principle of non-maleficence as a demand for a patients protection. Hughes (2012) expressed that professionalism is about attaining the highest quality of care by maintaining standards and demonstrating good judgement and competence at all times are key factors of therapeutic relationship. Being a mother I remember once, I met my child almost after two day, I went for morning duty at that time my son was sleeping. This legislation implies that patients have the right to life and should be treated with respect and their dignity should always be maintained.

essay about the demands of nursing