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Essays on peace and security in africa

essays on peace and security in africa

In 2011, the creation of the United Nations Office to the African Union (unoau) was another major step forward in the UN-AU relations. There is indeed evidence of such militarization of UK intervention already, with the creation of the joint Task Force 150 with France in the Horn of Africa and a counter terrorism program for protecting, according to the FCO. Post-conflict Reconstruction and Peacebuilding,. The top five finalists will be notified via email by the first week of August. The financial aspect is discussed above. The actors of the apsa, such as the AU Commission, the Peace and Security Council, the RECs and RMs, diplomats, special envoys and mediators have a wide variety of tools at their disposal, ranging from issuing sanctions, calling parties to negotiations. He describes British attitudes toward the civil war as overly simplistic; typecasting the RUF rebels as thugs, and the dubiously democratic Government of Kabbah as victims. These varying models of cooperation are not merely between the AU and RECs, but with external actors and donors too. Although the military exercise was deemed a success, rapid deployment remains a difficult task despite a strong track record of several African states in peacekeeping. While some have argued this mechanism is to replace the ASFs rapid reaction mechanism, others maintain it serves as a temporary bridging mechanism until the ASFs rapid intervention capacity is fully operational. . 19 In combination with the UN, the acpp has supported programs which in 2002 destroyed 73,718 small and light arms and 2,100 00 rounds of ammunition and reintegrated 11,000 ex-soldiers. Prizes: A grand prize of USD 2,000 will be awarded to the overall winner of the essay contest.

Peace and Security in Africa Shorthand Social

Over 300 international treaties have been created through United Nations efforts to strengthen international law. International Youth Day, to celebrate young peoples contributions to conflict prevention and transformation, and to promote young peoples inclusion in the peace and security agenda and in society more broadly, which is key to building and sustaining peace. According to ucdp data, more than 100.000 people were killed in organised violence in the year 2014, making it the highest number in 20 years, as the death count in organised violence has not exceeded 100.0 when the Rwandan genocide took place. The five strategic priorities are:. As part of the new apsa Roadmap, a Multidimensional Committee on pcrd will be established in order to interact with international actors on the continent on pcrd. The youth population increase will add to existing problems such as inadequate access to education and jobs.

The application of Labours third way (social justice, economic dynamism and internationalism) into Robin Cooks famed ethical foreign policy discussions has led to the formulation of three requirements for Africas future; democracy, prosperity, and the focus of this essay, keeping the peace. 11Capacity building means helping countries develop the ability to manage their own reform processes and create effective and sustainable security sectors that can function without outside assistance. Since its establishment in 2000, the African Union has taken on an challenging peace and security agenda. Civil wars on the African continent intensified in the early 1990s, but the nature of conflict changed from primarily interstate conflicts to intra-state conflicts. 23 Of course the Sandline International affair in 1999 presents the UKs most high profile justification for sending arms to Africa, despite breaking a UN arms embargo. African countries and the AU have a strong record and experience in peace support operations. As discussed above, the apsa is builds on a number of pillars (see above) at the continental level. In January 2016, former African Development Bank director Donald Kaberuka was appointed as the High Representative for the African Peace Fund, with a mandate to mobilize additional resources for AU peace and security-related activities, and finding a solution towards finding sustained. Yet it is clear that New Labours ethical policy has suffered (in success terms) at the hand of national security. In the past, the AU Commissions Peace and Security Department (PSD) and the Department for Political Affairs (DPA) have had challenges to overcome when working together, in particular with regards to governance, conflict prevention and mediation. Environmental protection, Human rights, health and medical research, alleviation of poverty and economic development, emergency and disaster relief, and labor and workers' rights are just a sample of what the UN continues to battle as the year 2000 approaches.

The direct beneficiaries of the APF are the AU and the RECs/RMs, with a mandate in Peace and Security, and relevant institutions within or related to the apsa. East Africa for example is served by the British Peace Support Team (bpst) based in Kenya, West Africa by the British Military Advisory Training Team West Africa (bmatt(WA) and Southern Africa by British Support Team in South Africa (bpst(SA). In theory, the AU is expected to harmonise and coordinate its actions and decisions with similar bodies in the existing and future RECs. . According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (acled Africa, together with the Middle East, remains the most heavily burdened with violent conflict. In Africa, real or perceived exclusion and lack of representation has been the most consistent underlying cause of violence and armed conflict. The complex pattern of conflict in Africa combined with a still maturing African Union, and the challenging relationship between the AU and RECs in the context of the on-going operationalisation of the apsa contributes to a complex playing field. Outlining the pillars of the apsa. 28 Such an attitude can for example explain the feeble UK and Western policies towards the DRC conflict and Mugabe in Zimbabwe. 22 Little also has it done to monitor and regulate the actions of UK arms businesses based abroad that have been able, to provide military resources to the likes of Mugabe who knowingly used them.

Managing Peace and Security in Africa Essays on Approaches

Amisoms yearly budget alone amounts to 1 billion a year. tags: United Nations, Human rights Research Papers 2185 words (6.2 pages) - The United Nations Fifty-one countries established the United Nations also known as the UN on October 24, 1945 with the intentions of preserving peace through international cooperation and collective security. The African Union would like to rely on more predictable funding for its peace support operations through UN-assessed contributions, which would cover the remaining 75 of the budget once the African Union is able to raise the envisaged. The pcrd policy further provides opportunities to strengthen linkages between the apsa and the African Governance Architecture (AGA when the AU Commissions Peace and Security Department (AU PSD) and Department of Political Affairs (DPA) coordinate efforts to ensure progression. The apsa remains Africas pivotal tool and framework that can tackle conflict on the continent. The full background of this story can be downloaded here. The UKs long-term commitment is firm, and there have been clear political schemes promoting democracy, establishing a truth and reconciliation commission and significant security sector reform over watched by British troops. Our research has focused on diplomatic interventions, mediation efforts and peace support operation activities undertaken in the context of the apsa in more than 50 violent conflicts, civil wars and wars. The result of this is to make new governments less accountable while bloating bureaucracy and stifling popular politics. Research Papers 1237 words (3.5 pages) - In 2015, President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly and talked about the significance the United Nations has had since its creation in 1945, claiming: This institution.N.

Apsa actors are now involved in a wide range of conflicts, ranging from highly volatile and protracted crises as a result of Islamist extremisms, terror, civil and ethnic unrest, to processes of federalisation and unconstitutional changes of government. If united by the same charter, why has the UN failed to pass constructive resolutions in response to Syrias use of chemical weapons during the Syrian. It has been noted for example that the Conservatives under John Major had inserted their own bmatt programs with little success in Angola and Mozambique half a decade before, and thus the joint FCO/dfid program represented little that was innovative or clearly successful. The unoau has supported planning and management of AU peace operations and the facilitation of cooperation between African Union actors and the United Nations. Governments can do this by establishing interagency committees on youth development, comprised of youth-focused departments that are in strategic partnerships with non-governmental stakeholders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for reform which reflects the real power in the world better than the situation today. The crucial diplomatic shift as influenced by the USs War on Terror however, has led to the alleged securitisation of Africa and the presentation of shared security/development interests that have ultimately proved to be detrimental to success. Peace and security has become the AUs most demanding work while it is arguably the best funded. It is not the place of this piece to judge UK intervention in terms of scale or morality, but instead to highlight that not only has our success been limited by sporadic and inconsistent action, but also that growing emphasis. This juxtaposition is exemplified in that while the UK oversaw the sacc agreements in 1999, it was also in the process of agreeing the terms of successful. Youth should also be integrated into decision-making processes across sectors. Evidence suggests that these threats take on a more pervasive nature when considered in the context of a rising youth population.

essays on peace and security in africa

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While the AU Constitutive Act is signed by all 54 AU Member States, the AU Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance is has been signed by 46 but ratified by only 23 states. Jack Straw once commented that if a stone was thrown through the window of the British Embassy in Kinshasa, he would consider it not a an immediate threat to British security but nevertheless we should essays on peace and security in africa not take. All essays must be written in English. Research Papers 1057 words (3 pages) - The United Nations: A good job. Besides the Peace and Security Council, the African Union Commission (in particular the Chairperson and the Commissioner for Peace and Security the Panel of the Wise (PoW the Continental Early Warning System (cews the African Standby Force (ASF the Peace. Thus instead of preventing future state abuse by building strong civil institutions, reform has focussed on strengthening existing political ones. The United Nations has made many achievements since the agreement made in 1945. Protocol on the Establishment of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (PSC Protocol) Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the operationalisation of the Rapid Deployment Capability of the African Standby Force and the establishment.

Research Papers 1211 words (3.5 pages) - Contadora as an intermediary to evade the ICJ jurisdiction. This plan is to be phased in within five years from 2016 onwards. As Tom Porteous argues, Sierra Leones relative peace today is at the expense of its future stability. The lion's share of the AUs peace and security budget is financed by external partners, for more than. Lack of aviation capacity for troop and supply transport). This transformation was the result of both developments in Africa as well as broader changes following the end of the Cold War and external factors. With the accession of Tony Blairs New Labour to ruling UK party in 1997, it was hoped by many that Africa would assume a far more urgent policy position than it had under Major and Thatcher. This includes the partnership with essays on peace and security in africa the United Nations and other external partners, their level of involvement (including funding the political positions taken by the government and/or warring parties (including in important AU institutions such as the PSC key characteristics of the conflict, amongst other things.

Paths to Achieve Peace and Security in Africa

Coups détat or attempts thereof have occurred related to this, in large part as a response to leaders who have sought to remain in power, often through so-called constitutional 'coup détats'. Essays will be judged on the basis essays on peace and security in africa of originality, creativity, use of language and appropriateness to the contest theme. When each of the 193 member states signed the UN Charter, they united under the same principles: commitment to maintain international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, promoting social progress, better living standards, and human rights. Are we under moral or humanitarian obligation to make them our business, or do more urgent international security concerns come to mind? 2014 Partnership Peacekeeping: Challenges and Opportunities in the United Nations-African Union Relationship. But also on a more fundamental level, significant differences remain: the United Nations continues to speak about peacekeeping operations, while the AU adopts a far broader notion of peace support operations and is willing to deploy troops where there is no peace to keep yet. .

tags: United States, United Nations. Complementary information on the normative foundations can be found in Box 1 in the full background note of this story. The AUs pcrd policy as such is envisaged to play a pivotal part in the aftermath of conflict and ensure linkages with development policies. 26 This belief in international interdependence has long been a part of Labours left wing heritage, but now faces being incorporated unnaturally into existing humanitarian intervention policies. In successfully disarming the rebels, and reinforcing the political institutions without offering consensus, the UK were in effect giving support for a minority elite who Porteous held responsible for the original continuation of the conflict. Today, more than 600 million young people globally live in fragile and conflict-affected areas, a large proportion of them in Africa. African citizens between the age of 18-25 are invited to submit an essay for this years Leadership Essay Contest organised by the I nstitute of African Leadership for Sustainable Development (uongozi Institute). Indeed, how would we intervene, if at all?

Is Military Intervention in Africa Successful Get Access

While not formally a pillar of the apsa, the AUs policy on Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development (pcrd) should be mentioned in addition. The long-term success of the intervention in Sierra Leone however is far from indisputable. Others, such as the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (icglr have similar authority but are not necessarily economic cooperation bodies. It is clear from current policy, New Labour has found itself tied to America and thus has been forced to compromise by trying to incorporate its goals of the War on Terror with that of its own War on Poverty. It can also be argued that in its attempts to regulate arms transfers across the African continent, the contradictions in British policy have made such regulation fairly ineffective at preventing or limiting conflict, not to mention morally questionable. The format shall be of single spaced, Arial font size 11, and sent as a Microsoft Word document. Research indicates that since 2010, it seems there has been a reversed trend from the initial decrease in war since the early 2000s which had followed a particularly violent post-Cold War period. These are likely to reduce the economic opportunities and well-being of young people in Africa, thus creating a vicious cycle. Abrahamsen and Williams recognise that it is impossible to denounce the ethical explanation for our involvement in Sierra Leone. Handbook of Africa's International Relations Publisher, London: Routledge Guéhenno,., 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2016, Foreign Policy, eidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (hiik) Heidelberg Conflict Barometer Healy,. The African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (acirc) was created in 2013 as a temporary measure to overcome the slow operationalisation of the Rapid Deployment Capability (RDC) but has been divisive from the start.