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Role of pakistan army essay

role of pakistan army essay

Project positive image of Armed Forces to garner National Support in their favour. 12 The media can contribute to conflict escalation, either directly or indirectly. To infer that such arguments are supportive of the military actions and loving mother essay the brutalities of Martial Law in Pakistan is not only absurd but expresses a preconceived idea that is shackled within the cage of the theory of two stages. Zia ul Haq prolonged his treachery and tyranny. The Pakistan army guards their integrity, protects their position in the society, and wants to protect a foundation or an idea since the day Pakistan was created. During 1980s the army began to assume the role of the only defender of the countrys ideological frontiers. Hence, without understanding the complexities of this ruling nexus it is very difficult to define real issues, genuine movements with honest motives behind political manoeuvrings. Pakistani media while countering Indian propaganda, showed restraint and did not sensitise the issue beyond proportion. However, after the detonation of the nuclear devices in May 1998 at Chaghai, Baluchistan, the expenditure on conventional weaponry and the Armed forces has risen astronomically. In the past it was the State and the private media that propagated the idea that the atom bomb would be a source of "formidable defence" of the "nation and that this would drastically reduce the spending on the army and conventional military hardware.

Short essay on Pakistani Army

In times of natural disaster army engineers, medical and logistics personnel, and the armed forces played a major role in bringing relief and supplies. Project positive image of Armed Forces to garner National Support in their favour. Chapter IV conclusions ON role OF ispr AND recommendation. The role played by army in politics and its subsequent effect on relations with India. The unique feature of composition of Pakistan Army is that it is dominated by Punjabi Muslims. (4) Media training institutions may also be established by ispr Dte.

Understanding its responsibilities towards the national security and screen out the reports that are at cross purpose with national interests. The media wants freedom; military wants complete control. It is this nexus that controls the military, the state and all major political parties of the country. The American goal, endorsed by the UN and nato, was self-defence against a government that had allowed its territory to be used for an act of war against another state. The partition of British india into two independent nations of India and Pakistan has a long and sorrow saga of violence, mistrust, betrayal and a sense of unfullfillment Of the objectives for which this division was sought by their political leaders.

The Formation Of The Pakistan Army History Essay

It must be undertaken with a view to cater for futuristic requirements of information warfare and media management. But in Pakistan's history we also see how short the role of pakistan army essay actual periods of direct military rule and repressive Martial Law have been. This gives rise to movements and mass uprisings that can often attain revolutionary proportions. But soon the CIA set up advanced laboratories and techniques for refining high quality heroine from the poppy grown in the wastelands of war in Afghanistan and the areas along the 1500km long Pak-Afghan border that had. The Pakistani President is supposed to be the Commander in Chief and the head commander of the Army. During British rule it was mainly a question of allocation of agricultural land to the army personnel, the size depending upon rank. And much credit for that probably goes to Pakistan Army. How could they have been?

Formulate media policy and evolve Psychological War plans in support of own military strategy. Economic necessities are increasingly superseding values, traditions, the good name of families etc. There is an upsurge of democratic values in the society, though it may be debatable whether developments in this direction are still enough or otherwise. It was the preservation of the structures of the bourgeois state that ultimately led to his own demise. Most probably they thought that they would have more opportunities in an Islamic state vis a vis a secular democracy having role of pakistan army essay a Hindu majority. An aware, self disciplined, properly trained and motivated leader is the need of future. Public relations requirements of the Armed Forces are looked after by the ispr Dte. Historical Perspective of Pak Army Ideology. Since then, with the provision of waivers for both physical and educational qualifications, recruitment has been increased from the formerly less well represented areas. Advertisements: The three wings of the Indian Army need to be strengthened.

The role of the Pakistan Army - In Defence of Marxism

They needed a special night pass from the sergeants to go out and come. As an American paper said, our soldiers were fighting on icy tops of the mountains in summer uniforms. If he had implemented the clause of the 1970 PPP manifesto of dissolving the standing army and building a "people's militia" as an alternative for defence he could have done. They helped to bring Hitler and his armies to their knees. Our soldiers have proved their mettle in all theatres of wars since prehistoric times, hi recent times our soldiers were sent to the Congo, Suez, Indo-China and Korea on missions of peace. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! The war being fought for US imperialism has led to a rapid rise in the number of desertions within the army. The effectiveness of media and its management inherently relies on modern, fast changing technology.

The chain of command inherited from the British was still very much functioning. Free, fair and objective media can make people think and generate an atmosphere of openness. But it was under Zia's despotic regime that the character and role of the Pakistan army went through a drastic change. However, it was the criminal charges levelled against most of its high officials that exposed the whole fraudulent process that led to the winding up of this bank. Therefore, the notion of restricting the army to its "constitutional" role within a crisis ridden capitalist system is nothing but sheer utopia. Video media in particular tend to focus on dramatic role of pakistan army essay and violent events. Media can contribute to conflict de-escalation.

Essay on role of pakistan army in the development of pakistan

In such a situation no force on the planet will be able to hinder or stop the overthrow of this rotten capitalist system through the victory of a revolutionary insurrection. The role of pakistan army essay media was taken on board by the government as well as ispr and gave access to selected areas was given to cover the progress of operation. Visually dramatic, acute events such as battles or bombings receive more coverage/attention than widespread situations like famine/ poverty. In accordance with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (iiss) it has members which are active amounting up to 550, 000 members in the year 2010. Violence is another contemporary phenomenon. This formulated the foundation of Pakistan policies to be formulated and followed. To the idea of improving and reforming the army as an institution in order for it to play its "proper" defensive, supportive and assistive role for the "democratic, liberal and progressive bourgeoisie" to fulfil the tasks of the industrial revolution. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! This denial of equipment to Pakistan contributed to the rapid souring of relations. The problem, Stratfor argues, is actually far larger than an intelligence failure.

Essay On Role Of Pakistan Army

He changed the motto of the army from Jinnahs Unity, Faith and Discipline to Iman, Taqwa, Jihad fi Sabeelillah (Faith, Obedience of God and Struggle in the Path of Allah) and even allowed members of the fundamentalist Tableeghi Jamaat to preach at the PMA. Expose the terrorist network and bring awareness in the general public emphasising on the societys role in fighting terrorism. This will make a qualitative improvement in relation to dealing with media matters at these levels. A huge portion of this black economy exists in Pakistan and the Gulf cities, mainly Dubai. Post independence, the Pakistan army identified and stressed that Islam was a unifying force.

role of pakistan army essay

The people have conventionally shown great admiration, even high regard, for its officers and soldiers, who have time and again performed when the time of reckoning, come. In Armed Forces, the media management is the responsibility of ispr Dte. At this moment it is headed by General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani. After 1947, the army has been part of four wars with its neighbor India and has had various border fights with its other neighbor Afghanistan. The ispr branch offices at General Headquarters, Naval Headquarters and Air Headquarters functions with administrative support from the respective services, whereas, other sub-offices work under the supervision of ispr Headquarters. The military has maintained its supremacy in politics has been successfully projecting itself as saviours of the state, it has laid claim of the sole agency capable of promoting and safeguarding national integration and prevailing only when it becomes necessary to prevent collapse. Army control of the government has all too often led to a corrupt military regime that eventually collapsed. He succeeded but with three exceptions of Hyderabad, Junagarh and e Nawab of Junagarh immediately after partition declared accession to Pakistan it was within Indian territory so it accession was not practicable,as it had only 20 percent muslim population its accession was not logical either. The problem of Pakistan Army is that it has a constricted base of its recruitment, and a far larger role is played by tribal and clan factor which tend to deal with proficient matters in a similar manner which. Massive monetary gains were made by Pakistani military and semi military elite officers through the proliferation of this programme. But ever since there have been several other individuals and companies involved in this sinister game, mainly diverting this capital into real estate, construction, manufacturing, stock exchange, services, electronic and print media and several other sectors of the economy. There are reports that there is a burning hatred amongst the ranks of the army against the top brass amassing this mammoth wealth. Impact of Media over Military Operations.

The Major Role the Pakistani Army Plays in the Country's

Media channels paid tribute to Shuhadas for their sacrifices for the role of pakistan army essay country. In all the old cities of the subcontinent there are two parts and two railway stations. During the Musharraf period this nexus further consolidated itself and expanded its wealth. Inter Services Public Relations Directorate (ispr Dte). Such was the intensity of the threat of revolt from within the army and its breaking up along class lines that it became an important factor in the decision to wage the 1971 war with India. The unquestionable military professionalism of the Pakistan army is resultant of the fighting traditions and natural instincts of people of North-West India. Only one major general, two brigadiers, and six colonels were available, and in the middle officer ranks the situation was equally bad. In natural disasters there was no significant second wave of deaths from injury, cold, food shortages, or disease. The old officers, who had been allocated land holdings in the past, became financial pygmies in comparison with the officer cast that had filled their coffers with the black money from the Afghan Jihad. Those who were responsible for this "accident" have never been apprehended, not even by the Americans. Those sergeants that had the worst reputation for their ruthlessness were considered as the best. They are rapidly withdrawing army officers from civilian posts where a lot of them had been deployed during the Musharraf regime.

Social Impacts on Soldiers. According to a great reorganization in September 2008 under General Ahfaq Kiyani, two new PSO positions were created, these are the Inspector General Arms and the inspector General Communications and IT, thus increasing the number of PSO positions to eight. You proved yourself first-class soldiers, inferior to none in the world. Though the concept of employing media in support of military ootw is being given attention, yet there is a clear doctrinal void as far as the employment of media as a weapon in support of conventional military operations is concerned. America intervened in Afghanistan in 2001 on the side of the Northern Alliance to topple the Taliban Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan only after it had been used as a base for the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in America. Our soldiers served in France and other countries also. The media representatives are often unpopular with the brass, for they function independently, without rules, regulations and even if they have a code of conduct, it is generally self-created and self-imposed. The "rule of Law "independence of the Judiciary "Good governance "Reforming the Institutions" and "smoothly functioning democracy" are all the product of wishful thinking that totally ignores the socio-economic realities and the horrendous crisis which Pakistani society is going through at this moment in time. The assignment of serving officers to approximately 10 percent of the senior posts in the civilian administration also provided opportunities for economic gain, sometimes in ways that were ultimately harmful to the army's image of itself. After articulating Information Warfare doctrine, Army needs to be trained in media management.

Relative freedom of media in Pakistan is a new phenomenon and all the stakeholders are trying to adjust to the same. In order to lay fundamentals for media certain legislations and policies 8 were developed/ devised under different leadership throughout the history. (5) Forewarn and educate about future agendas of the terrorists and prepare public so as to minimise damages. To carry out a reappraisal on role of ispr towards handling of national media in the prevalent security environment with a view to recommend measures to integrate both for larger national security interests. Retiring officers received generous benefits, sometimes including land allocations, and often found lucrative positions in government service or in parastatal economic enterprises. British imperialism had developed its military tactics during its long experience of colonial and intra-imperialist wars. The military barracks, exercises and installations were in the cantonment areas, totally cordoned off and secluded from the city populations. Pakistan enjoys close ties with China and shares an antipathy and distrust of India. If we had fought for the British so heroically, we could certainly fight for defending our freedom. Develop good relationship with the media. Positive coverage of the events would be morale raising for the troops and also keep the people at home informed/ satisfied. Roles and Objectives of Pakistan Media Policy. .