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Listening, writing, speaking and reading) but also bonds different technologies serving as effective and comprehensive tools for language learning and teaching. Tools used for disseminating information…

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You do not adequately address the prompt. 2010 Q1 Sample B; score: 4 How does the successful writer introduce the literary techniques? Then write an essay…

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In Western Europe, the gap between the poor and the rich remained; even though a essay class had developed, the power was still concentrated in the…

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Achievements in high school essay

achievements in high school essay

For example, rather than "Won Award for Best Art indicate that this award was an "Award for Excellence in Artwork (Sculpture 2014." Any prestigious extracurricular activities typically count as academic achievements. Awards are another strong academic achievement. That fact is nobody likes failing but there are things that can be learned through failure. Im sure all of you all have heard about the company Microsoft created by bill gates and Paul Allen, but Before Microsoft, gates and Allen were the founders of Traf-o-Data, a massively unsuccessful company in the field of technology. In this respect, I should say that in my personal life I want to realize my internal inclinations and I believe I have succeeded. Thomas Edison was the inventor of the light bulb. A high grade point average.5 or above is another great achievement to mention.

Essays on Academic Achievement and Student Behavior in Public

The respondents of achievements in high school essay the study were 300 students in the age range of 12-15 years of Bhopal. The results of the study reported that achievement motivation had no significant relationship with academic achievement. The results also indicated that parental education was significantly related with motivation of the students. Muola (2010) investigated the relationship between academic achievement motivation and home environment among standard eight pupils. The students attended high schools in French-speaking Quebec were selected as a sample of longitudinal study of parent-adolescent interactions in relation to school achievement and psychosocial maturity. Acharya and Shobhna (2009) studied the influence of parental education level on achievement motivation of adolescents. Lack of concentration represent one of the symptomf of adhd. The results revealed no significant gender differences in academic achievement of the students.

Murphy (2009) studied parental encouragement involving parental actions associated with parenting styles. The findings indicated that there was no gender difference in academic achievement of boys and girls. While middle and high school teachers must show theyre competent in the subjects they teach by passing a test or by completing an academic major, graduate degree or comparable coursework. Data was collected through the information by the students on family encouragement and their academic performance. If a child lacks any of the above factors, he has increased possibilities of delayed or impeded reading (National Research Council, 1998). The sample was comprised of 235 Kenyan pupils between the age range from13 to 17 years from six urban and rural primary schools selected randomly from Machakos district. The qualification of the teacher helps in giving individual assistant on low achiever as well as high achiever. Every researcher reviewed the related literature from the different resources that includes research journal, articles, books, magazines, encyclopedias, dissertations, abstracts, international year books, theses and most important in the present era the internet access. The results of the study indicated that high levels of parental expectations, consistent encouragement and actions to enhance learning opportunities in the home were all positively associated with students high aspirations and college academic achievement. (2003) investigated pre-academic and early academic achievement in children with velocardiofacial syndrome of borderline or normal intelligence. Nommay (1988) recognised the effects of family structure on intelligence and academic achievement. Zellman and Waterman (2000) observed the interactions between 193 mothers and their children who were in second to fifth grade in the schools of Los Angeles.

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Intelligence was measured using cattles culture fair intelligence tests and creativity was measured using Torrance tests of creative thinking. A total of 91 students entailing 74 female and 17 male British college students participated in the study. Ilogu (2007) investigated the effect of achievement motivation on students cognitive performance behaviour. The results indicated that there were achievements in high school essay no significant differences between the academic achievement of boys and girls. The sample comprised of 105 boys of age 14 to 15 years. School success was assessed by marks obtained in high school board examination. H2: teachers can demotivate the successful students which may lead to their failure or their withdrawal from school. The findings of the study indicated significant difference in academic achievement of male and female students. Astone and Sara (1991) focused on parental practices involving parental involvement and parental encouragement, whereas Lakshmi and Minakshi (2006) focused on parental behaviour and found that parental acceptance and encouragement were positively related with academic achievement. Relationship between performance goal and academic success was comparatively less significant. Data were gathered from 511 doctors who entered Westminster medical school as clinical students.

Findings also indicated that the positive effect of parental encouragement operated only for white and middle class students. Razmjoo (2008) examined the strength of the relationship between language proficiency in English and the 9 types of intelligences. I also played high school junior varsity volleyball for two years. Worland., 1984; Nommay, 1989; Busatoet., 2000; Furnham and Tomas, 2004; Lounsbury and Ridgitel, 2004; Dall and Praveen, 2005; Sidhu and Parminder, 2005; Laidra, 2006; Priess and Faranova, 2006; Rohde and Lee, 2006; Spinatha., 2006; Parkinson. The data were collected from 100, eleventh grade high achievers from 10 senior secondary schools of Ludhiana city, by using Bhargava achievement motivation scale and Mishras home environment inventory scale. The teacher is responsible for instructing others who may belong to different types of human behavior (Smith, 1997). Parental education and encouragement were found to contribute to the cognitive development of the students. Rohde and Lee (2006) carried out the study to explain variation in academic achievement with general cognitive ability and specific cognitive abilities. The results indicated that good quality of home environment had significant positive relationship with high level of achievement motivation and high level of academic achievement. 2.1.1Gifted Education There are several signs that show giftedness such as endless questions, curiosity, explore subjects, precision in thinking, and the ability to concentrate on intellectually challenging. Codjoe (2007) studied the importance of home environment and parental encouragement in the academic achievement of African-Canadian youth. (2011) investigated the moderating effect of achievement motivation on relationship of learning approaches and academic achievement of 200 college students.

The sample constituted 278 male and female Iranian. The results revealed that youth from families in which neither parent was graduated showed significantly worse socio emotional and academic adjustment as compared to those youth who had graduate parents. Astone and Sara (1991) examined the relationship among family structure, parental practices and childrens achievement by collecting data from 10,000 high school students of Baltimore in America. Results indicated that students achievement was positively related to achievement in mathematics in all the four countries. (2003) studied emotional intelligence and academic success after the transition from high school to university on a sample of 372 first year full- time college students of Ontario-University. Results demonstrated that parental involvement influenced the academic success positively. The results suggested achievements in high school essay that specific emotional intelligence subscales could provide indication of future academic success. Umadevi (2009) conducted a study to find out the relationship between emotional intelligence, achievement motivation and academic achievement of primary school teachers.

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Data was gathered through ravens standard progressive matrices test as the measure of intelligence and Mittals adjustment inventory as the measure of adjustment of the.Ed. This problem is a genetic problem that creates lack of focus. The marks achievements in high school essay obtained by the pupils in the class were aggregated as the criterion measure of academic achievement of the students. Further the results indicated that parental education was significantly related to the academic achievement of the students. There is no significant difference between academic achievement of the students having literate and illiterate parents.

Parental education was also found to have significant and positive relationship with academic achievements of the students. This was also confirmed through the results that intelligence effected academic achievement positively and significantly. Chapter-II, review OF related literature, educational achievement of students demands urgent attention to attain their goals. Structural equation modelling was employed to determine the direct and indirect effects of achievement motivation on giftedness. Good teachers overcome the obstacles that they face in order to make children stay away from failure. The findings indicated that the academic achievement was significantly related with intelligence.

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That fact is nobody likes failing but there are things that can be learned through failure. The respondents were 195 ninth grade boys and achievements in high school essay girls and their parents from urban, suburban and rural communities in south east and Midwest Asia. It was confirmed through the results that authoritative parenting style was positively related to students academic achievement. Qualified writers in the subject of education are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Data was collected by administering family climate scale to the sample of 200 children consisting 118 boys and 82 girls of ninth class from the schools of Pury and Jehri districts of Kashmir.

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The findings also indicated that parental involvement predicted students achievement in financial accounting. Data were collected by administering culture value orientation and attribution-emotion scale to the sample and grade point average was taken as academic achievement measures of the students. The results indicated that both mothering and fathering styles were associated with academic success whereas rejection and neglect from the parents were found to be highly detrimental to academic achievement. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. It was also concluded that parental expectations and guidance developed the need for high achievement. (1990) studied the effect of peer, family and parental influence on students persistence.

The findings revealed that educational standard of parents had significant effect on the academic achievement achievements in high school essay of arts and science students at the college level. The results indicated that family variables including parental education had significant relationship with the achievement of their children. Parental negative control, non-involvement, extrinsic rewards and over-and under controlling family styles were found to related significantly with extrinsic motivation and lower academic achievement of the students. If a teacher believes that each student has special capabilities and can improve their skills and achieve more, she let her students feel comfortable and encourage them and show them that she cares. Both the groups rated themselves higher on learning goals than on performance goals. The sample selected for the study was 400 students of eighth class belonging to urban and rural area of Punjab. The respondents of the study were 404 eighth and ninth grade students of both sexes in Hong Kong. (2010) examined if a relationship exists between intelligence and academic achievement and if the relationship differs between males and females. To have ability, to feel power you are never allowed to use, can become shocking and destroying. Parental involvement in the form of parent child discussions had a moderate impact. Tavani and Losh (2003) studied motivation, self-confidence and expectations as predictors of academic performance. The results revealed that the relationship between academic achievement and family size was significant and negative. Results demonstrated that relationship between academic achievement and motivation (0.07) was very small and the relationship between achievement and family environment (0.15) and motivation and family environment (0.19) were statistically significant still partially small.

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The findings indicated a positive relationship between parents education and academic achievement of their children. Gender, locale and Parental education have direct influence on the academic achievement of the students. Characteristics Behavior of Gifted Students Gifted children have better comprehension of the nuances achievements in high school essay of language in early stages. Broussard (2002) explored the relationship between classroom motivation and academic achievement in first and third graders. However, experts stress that gifted kids are children with special academic needs, who do not always do well without appropriate instruction. In addition it was also found that authoritative families had significantly relationship with academic achievements of the students.

Standard progressive matrices, and general mental ability test was administered to the achievements in high school essay students to measure their nonverbal and verbal intelligence respectively. (2006) explored the relationship between quality of home environment, locus of control and achievement motivation among high achiever urban female adolescents. Academic achievement was taken as the scores obtained by students in national public examination. The findings also revealed that parental education was positively related with achievement motivation. More than half of the Schools in Urban areas scored chronic failure. (1994) studied the family support and the quality of parent child relationships. The results indicated that the students belonging to Jaipur whose father had high educational qualification had better achievement motivation as compared to the students of Kalakhandi districts whose father had low educational qualification. (2000) evaluated the influence of parenting style on the adjustment and academic achievement of traditional college freshman. The results revealed the intelligence was not significantly related to academic achievement. (1988) conducted a study on gender relationships among intellectual achievement, responsibility, questionnaire and measured achievement and grades.

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The staff and students succeed when the skills and positive atmosphere meet. (2011) investigated the relationship between students selfperceived multiple-intelligence and their academic achievement. Verbal and nonverbal tests on a sample of 200 boys and girls of 11th class from different schools of Shimla in India. Poor skills Schools that provide effective reading instruction and reading practice causes the opportunities to learn letters and to recognize the internal structure of spoken words. 2.4.1Effective Instruction Experienced and caring teachers who are able to establish close personal relationships with students, other staff members, and parents must formulate the most important competencies of a successful school. Asthana (2011) conducted a study on a sample of 300 students consisting 150 male and 150 female students of secondary education from Varanasi, with a view to assess to gender difference in scholastic achievement. The data was collected through achievement motivation rating scale and students achievement was taken from the school reports. In most small group learning situations all members have something to teach and something to learn in-text citation is required (Smith, 1997). The information was validated by the school teachers.

Family size was found to have negative influence on the academic learning environment whereas home learning environment had significant and positive relationship with academic achievement of the students. Halawah (2006) examined the effect of motivation, family environment, and student characteristics on academic achievement. After several stints in rehab, Josh finally succeeded in sticking with sobriety. Catsambis (2001) analysed data from the national educational longitudinal study-88 study and its second follow-up national educational longitudinal study-92 in England. From the results no statistically significant differences were found between academic performance of rural and urban students. The results indicated that achievement among Asian students was negatively associated with parental encouragement. The reasons behind this is that they have young and less qualified teachers and high teacher turnover, lack resources, such as well-stocked libraries and up-to-date technology. Students scores on an achievement test were taken as measures of academic achievement of the students. Bahago (2011) investigated the influence of achievement motivation and demographic characteristics on academic performance of nomadic Fulani girls in Adamawa state. Elizabeth (2009) analysed the family structure and the academic achievement of 549 African American students attending rural and urban high schools in North Carolina.

(2010) undertook the study to explore academic success of 243 first year engineering students in relation to emotional intelligence at Ryerson University of Toronto in Canada. Family attitude contributed to greater academic motivation among youth from immigrants as compared to American born families. McNeal (1999) carried out the study on the parental involvement as social capital: differential effectiveness on science achievements, truancy and dropping out on a sample of 17049 parents of tenth grade students of Carolina. Interview schedule was used to elicit factors related to scholastic backwardness. The findings showed significant and strong direct and indirect effect of motivation on giftedness. The researcher concluded through a synthesis of 13 studies that the academic achievement of undergraduate Africa American males is highly associated with personal adnoun-cognitive variables. Murray and Wren, 2003; Jackson and Philippe, 2006; Rohde, 2006; Leeson., 2008; Onget., 2010 studied cognitive ability and found positive relationship with academic achievement. The results revealed no significant gender difference in academic achievement of the students. Do Not Waste, your Time, hIRE writer, only.90 / page. Eppler and Harju (1997) investigated achievement goals in relation to academic performance in traditional and non- traditional college students. As such, the objectives of this study were three-folded.

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Results of the study revealed that parental acceptance and encouragement scores were positively related with academic success. The groups comprised of successful Afro-American students, successful Euro- American students and unsuccessful Afro-American students. Results of the study indicated that sustained attention incrementally contribute to performance of the students beyond intelligence. From the findings a significant positive relationship was found between motivation and academic achievement. Data analysis was conducted and the result of the analysis showed that intelligence and motivation influence significantly the students academic achievement. Services that recognize gifted students occur in schools and show the levels of students in it (Bruer, 1997). Devi and Kiran (2002) studied factors associated with scholastic backwardness of secondary school children. Academic achievement was taken as the score on grade point average of three semesters of the students. According to Koul (2009) research can never be undertaken in the isolation of the work that has already been done on the problems related to the study propose by any researcher.

A sample of 827 students in an urban school district in the South-eastern United States was surveyed. Aggarwal (1997) conducted a comparative study on the effect of parental encouragement upon the educational development of students on the basis of gender. Palaniappan (2007) examined the relationship between creativity and academic achievement to understand the nature of these relationships in the intelligence continuum among 497 Malaysian students. The findings indicated that parental encouragement had positive and significant relationship with academic achievement. Profoundly high achiever students are unique individuals with different talents and interests. It was found that parental encouragement, discussion achievements in high school essay of importance of education and educational affairs had direct and positive influence on achievement motivation. The sample comprised of 230 Canadian students. Moreover, the connections with parents are often non-existent or aggressive and absenteeism of students is high. The sample comprised of 640 boys and 360 girls.

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The greatest achievements in life are the ones that are most difficult to overcome. The researcher used theoretical framework and found that parental involvement was generally a salient factor in explaining behavior but not cognitive outcome. The results indicated that there was no statistically significant effect of achievement motivation on scholastic achievement of the students. The total marks obtained by the students in quarterly and half yearly examination were taken as academic achievement. The results revealed no significant different in academic achievement of boys and girls. Measures of cognitive and academic functioning were used to predict college achievement. Singh and Srivastava (1983) investigated the impact of parents literacy on the academic achievement on a sample of 85 first grade and 80 fifth grade students of Punjab achievements in high school essay in India. The options that help gifted students start by the early entrance to first grade then they must be introduces to independent, multi-age gifted classes in addition to the increase of grades.

Data were collected through parent child relation questionnaire and self-administering test of mental ability to achievements in high school essay check parental behaviour and intellectual ability of the students respectively. Wilkins (2009) carried out a longitudinal study to evaluate family processes promoting achievement motivation and perceived competence among Latino youth. They improve their skills throughout their careers (Snow, Burns, and Griffin, 1998). The results indicated no significant relationship between achievement goals and academic achievement of the students. The results indicated that there was no significant relationship between intelligence and achievement motivation. The data were collected by conducting test on mathematic achievement using multiple strategies method on the group and traditional direction instructional method on the other group. Fahim (2007) showed that emotional, psychometric and verbal intelligence influence success, whereas Wu (2004) focused on personal intelligence and found academic intelligence, practical intelligence, creative intelligence and personal intelligence jointly related to success of students. The sample was comprised of 120 students of the age group of 13-18 years of Mumbai city. Boys were found to have better academic achievement than girls.